They said it couldn’t be done. A musical theatre actress and straight theater actress would never actually be able to live together without murdering one another. There was too much at stake. They were too different. They were too similar. Lindsey’s vibrato rivaled the intensity of her hair dryer. Ella’s accent changed with each meal she prepared. They both drank one another’s La Croix! But, after five weeks locked in an apartment together on a summer stock contract in New Hampshire, they emerged on the other side, not only friends, but artistic collaborators. This is the result: a ridiculous, web series about a band of misfits, coming together for the pursuit of one thing - the magic of theatre…and crinkle chips.

Welcome to the Bristle Shores Playhouse.

“This is BS” is a new mockumentary-style web series celebrating and poking fun at the highs and lows of a non-union summer theatre contract. The first season follows the quirky Cast and Creative Team of the Bristle Shores Playhouse as they try to figure out how to navigate the summerstock season. There’s romance, intrigue, humor, method acting, and of course lots and lots of drama, on stage and behind the scenes.

Drama. We’re full of it.